Minggu, 27 November 2016

BJL 2000 back to the Party Summit

The hope Pre PON Kaltim to advance to the finals was almost in sight, because the rest of the match, time 8 minutes is almost over.

However, the staff makes Renaldy coaches and players of the pre-POUND backup Kaltim in bench bench have to downcast lethargic. Score until the second half ended up being 1-1.

BJL 2000 back to the Party Summit

So, both teams forced to play with in the extra time. Any luck going from WPK Wattunnami (Pinky Boys) who have restored the advantage thanks to goals from Rahmad Arsyad.

Fighting spirit the players Pre PON Kaltim still keep trying to equalize through power play. Such efforts are not able to get in, because the whistle had blown as a sign ofthe end of the match and Wattunnami reserves the right to advance to Cup final Governor of NTB 2015 on Thursday (17/9) tomorrow.

Positive trend Pre PON Kaltim have stalled, when previously managed to subdue the two star-studded teams such as Alcatraz, Keyzra FC and FSL teams last season, the star of the East of Surabaya.

In the semifinals, the team met the black horse Wattunnami, Pra POUNDS of East Kalimantan. Playing by heart – heart, Sepatu Futsal Super League finalists last season it won the game heat to extra-time and ultimately, Rahmad Arsyad managed to reverse the advantage to 2-1 while inter team-mate until the final.

So, the winner of the Cup Governor of NTB version 2013 (Pinky Boys) and 2014 (BJL) 2000 will you met for the see regained the title a second time in the day (7/9), GORDecember 17, Mataram.

The Governor's Cup semi-final WNT action 2015 which degree day (16/9) earlier has been contested by defending champion BJL 2000 Semarang meets Pre PON NTB.

The match, which took place on 17 December, Mataram GOR bear witness to the life that the origin of Semarang, the team was again qualified for the finals after Pre PON WNT be subject of Moses Kernel cs with a score of 4-2.

In the first half, then succeed BJL 2000 3 goals to guide his squad coach Bonsu Hasibuan are printed by Johan Rafsanjani, Aji Santoso and Moses Kernel. While one goalof the WNT in print by Edy Rahadi.

The second half, up to pursue failed to reap the positive figures, after Heru Kurniawan records the score being 2-3 which is still superior to BJL.

As a result, BJL distanced the number into 4-2 through Pawit Utomo. So, BJL 2000 deserves to be translucent in the final against defending champions Cup Governor ofNTB 2013, WPK Wattunnami (Pinky Boys) on Thursday tomorrow (17/9).

While the Pre PON NTB and East Kalimantan will be competing for the championto-3 on the same day.

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BJL 2000 back to the Party Summit

The Governor's Cup NTB 2015 today (16/9) enter the semi-final will take place on 17 December, GOR Lombok. The four teams will compete in the semifinals was defending champion BJL 2000 will be dealing with a team of horses black Pre PON NTB and the WPK Pinky Wattunami Boys going against the spirit of the young POUNDKaltim.

In the quarter-finals yesterday (15/9) a surprise return happened, FC Libido shouldwillingly swallow the bitter pill of defeat dramatic results by Pre-POUND penalty kick shootout through NTB.

Child coach Andri Irawan felt disappointed with the results in from Bandung team received it, it is delivered by team captain Vishnu [...].

"Children are definitely feel disappointed, but it could be disillusionment on mute by the coach. Create motivation wrote at can result in this match, "said Vishnu to theeditorial team Futsal Zone.

Sabtu, 19 November 2016

Law students UIN Futsal Tournament Title Law Bandung 2016

Mataram FC managed to escape from bondage, the abyss of degradation on a ProFutsal League (PFL) 2016 Western region. Related factors, Mataram FC won the game by a score of 4-3 FC atasu Libido.

It is be grateful by coach Mataram FC Fhandy Butar. "I am grateful, the match todayluck favors the US, after two quick goals can be. Although they can equalize, we managed to learn from the first game and we can maximize the opportunities that exist, "said coach Fhandy.

Law students UIN Futsal Tournament Title Law Bandung 2016

In those games, the coach of origin Field that holds the child her son just need to enjoy the game.

"Initially I was aware of Libido has a home base in Bandung, we just always conscious to enjoy the match this afternoon, and could pass it well," pungkasnya.

Futsal Law 2016 Championship is a futsal level kejuraan SMA/SMK equal area of West Java. The talents of young talents  jabar conflicting each other to prove who deserve the predicate menyandag champion.

Legal Sciences students UIN Sunan Gunung Djati in Bandung became the initiator of the event. The event was organized in order to celebrate the 18th anniversary of the science of law, as well as being the first futsal event and will become an annual agenda.

To enhance the spirit of competition, penyelanggara provides a prize draw. Among them the trophy for rank 1, 2and 3. Awards for the best players, top scorer, and also the cost of coaching worth millions of rupiah.
For you HIGH SCHOOL student/SMK equal area jabar, immediately register at this prestigious event. How to contact with contact person: 081286984664 (Varie Scott), 089677951543 (Deden Zaeini), 085780098169 (Khumaira).

So wait for what again? Immediately register your team and get a chance to carve the history, as the first team to win a Championship in the Law's Futsal Championship.

Speaking of the success of a team, individual players performance on every game important law. UPS and downs of the performance of the player can be seen from a variety of factors such as the physical condition, mental preparedness and the player faces.

In addition to the factors already mentioned, non-technical factors such as weather,temperature and the State of the environment can also determine whether a player's performance when both matches. Playing in unusual conditions, such as the European players playing in Asia, must adapt in hot weather, as well as vice versa. In this case, the mood of the players need to be kept to show the best performance.

Replied to that State, Elastico 7 Base Layer product offering appears as a solution. Just info, Base Layer is a product of some sort of undergarment or dress worn prior to base layer jersey sports we wear.

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Law students UIN Futsal Tournament Title Law Bandung 2016

Though many similar products from abroad have been sought after by connoisseurs of futsal in Indonesia, howeverdoes not mean local products could be on the point of view of one eye only. Elastico 7 an example of offering competition.

There have been many football and futsal team works closely with the city of originof cotton apparel. Call it the national team the Homeless World Cup, Mataram, Cilegon Vamos FC United, the Club's fans Community United Indonesia and others.

For Elastico 7, quality being the main number are held. Base layer Elastico 7 is one of the new technologies in the field of textile or clothing closest to the skin, its function is to keep the skin in order to stay dry while exercising.

"To compete with other apparel, we still give priority to quality. The Base Layer andbecome our flagship product. The hallmarks of our Base Layer is a material that canabsorb sweat to be used when the weather is hot or cold to the skin may remain dry, "said Elastico 7 to Futsal Management Zone.