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Hope Francesco Totti Would Materialize

As Roma announced the removal from Office of coach Rudi Garcia, Wednesday (16/1/2016). Rome has yet to set a figure of substitute Garcia.

This decision cannot be separated from the barrage of negative outcomes experienced by Roma. They just won one of a total of ten matches of various event.

After party con AC Milan which ended with the score 1-1, Saturday (9/1/2016), rumors of the ouster Garcia wafts the more toned. New Rome mengonfirmasinya four days after the match.

"On behalf of the person and any person in Rome, I thanked Garcia for their hard work since joining the Club," said President Jim Pallotta.

"We all enjoy great moments with him, but believes it's time for a change," said Pallotta.

There are two names that have emerged as a potential replacement, namelyMarcello Lippi and Luciano Spalletti. First name had denied the news of a meeting between himself with management.

Garcia became the eighth coach who lost the position in Serie A 2015-2016. BeforeGarcia, there's Fabrizio Castori, Delio Rossi, Giuseppe Sannino, Giuseppe Iachini, Walter Zenga, Andrea Mandorlini, and Davide Ballardini.

Hope Francesco Totti Would Materialize

Nemanja Vidic constantly agents (34), Silvano Martina, confirm his client's central negotiating to leave Inter Milan. However, it is not certain he can go from Giuseppe Meazza this month or not.

Pick has not played a single match this season along with Inter He is not included in Roberto Mancini's plans despite having recovered from injury.

"Currently I do not know a lot of what happens in the future. Whether the termination of the contract by mutual agreement enables January? We're talking, so just lookwhat will happen, "said Martina as reported by the website of Inter Milan.

"No one has been completed. Pick is fine, for now he is only the focus of the practice, "he said.

Pick type associated with former club Aston Villa, Manchester United and MLS clubsone of which also belonged to Erick Thohir, DC United.

Especially when he's status as free transfer of players at the end of this season.

Must come up with around 10 million euros from Manchester United in July 2014.

Hope Francesco Totti would materialize if Luciano Spalleti is already officially appointed the new coach of AS Roma. What is the hope of Il Capitano or the captain of theRoma?

Hope Francesco Totti Would Materialize

Francesco Totti has ever delivered a hope hanging shoes while Luciano Spalletti acts as coach of AS Roma. Such expectations conveyed il capitano after Luciano Spallettiresigned as coach of Roma on September 1, 2009.

"Salute to Pick up all that has been done for the Roma and my career. Results achieved under his leadership can be seen all the people. I always look forward to endingmy career with him as a coach. Thanks, Luciano ".

Such statements after Spalletti leave Roma Totti in early September 2009 Romanews site was quoted as saying. That moment Spalletti leave Roma with memories brought the team two times the Coppa Italy champion (2007 and 2008) and winner of the Supercoppa Italiana (2007).

2015-2016 season this might just be the last season as player Francesco Totti. The 39-year-old striker.

If Totti retired at the end of the 2016-2017 season, Spalletti is still likely to become coach of Roma. Rome is rumored to be contracted Spalletti during one and a half years.

Totti can never forget Spalletti. A shaved-headed coach that raise back the career ofFrancesco Totti put the captain as the number nine.

Playing as a striker for number nine fake, Totti was able to provide assists and scoring more often. He managed 15 goals in 24 matches in the 2005-2006 season, more than the three goals the previous season.

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Hope Francesco Totti Would Materialize

Not impossible goals Totti more if he wasn't badly injured in February 2006. However Totti got up and performed a hit to bring the 2006 World Cup champion Italy.

In the 2006-2007 Serie A, Totti grew sharply. He carved the 26 touchdowns and wonthe title of Serie A top scorer that season.

If the official has already appointed as Spalletti's replacement Rudi Garcia, awaits what position will be given to Francesco Totti Spalletti when the captain is already aged 39 years.

Under Rudi Garcia, Totti got a role as a striker. On Serie A 2015-2016, Totti did not play due to injury. He only appeared four times and scored one goal.

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