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Next season Steven Gerrard could return to the Premier League

Manchester City's Manager, Pep Guardiola, satisfied with the contribution of midfielder Fernandino. Spain-born managers were assessing the City will appear as if the Premier League champions had three players like him.

Fernandinho plays as a midfielder. Brazil-born players that have won 6 out of a totalof 15 aerial duels and 10 times do tekel success. According to Squawka data, the percentage of operannya reached 89 per cent.

Brazil-born players that have so far been performed nine times reinforces Manchester City in all the event and create a goal. In the Premier League, 2016-2017, he appeared six times.

"Fernandinho can do everything and our achievement in this season not unattainable without Fernandinho. He is intelligent, smart Player, strong in the air, and can playin different positions, "said Guardiola.

"If he sees the open space, he will dedicate it. Fernandinho was my player need, to fix the kelengahan conducted other players, or snatch the ball from another player. IfI have three Fernandinho, I am sure we will be champions. We only have one and he is an important player for me, "he added.

Next season Steven Gerrard could return to the Premier League

Manchester City became the only team that won a six-game winning streak at the start of the Premier League this season. The Citizens will face formidable opponents in the seventh with a weekend trip to Tottenham Houtspur, Whuet Hart Lane Stadium, Sunday (2/10/2016).

"A great team is a team that's hard hand. That's because they have better players. However, we will use the same approach, because if we win it faces a large team or teams, we still get 3 points. I am sure, every opponent have different tactics, and has its own sophistication, so we should not be off guard, "replied Pep.

"The Premier League is very difficult and I've seen foster care I was very exhausted in the locker room, until it could not speak anything. Before I came, many say that the Premier League is the toughest competition, and every team can beat each othereach other, powerful or weak. Now I already know. I salute the struggle and how foster care I play, "stated Pep Guardiola.

Manjer Manchester United, Jose Mourinho, still harbored hope to get the original Southampton, Defender Jose Fonte. The Special One, he once took aim at the playerwhile still being the architect of Chelsea.

As reported by The Sun, Sunday (2/10/2016), Manchester United will cast a bid of 10 million pounds ($ 168 billion) early in the year 2017. 32-year-old player it will most likely be plotted as a substitute Marcos Rojo.

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Next season Steven Gerrard could return to the Premier League

Responding to this offer, Jose Fonte claimed to be focused on the Club, although he admitted there was already talk in the direction.

"I'll still be waiting, and focus on my game with Southampton. We haven't agreed on anything, "jeas Fonte.

"Indeed there are already some talks, but it seems to have not yet proceeded to this point. I ignore it for the moment, a good performance for the Club the most important for me for the moment, "he added.

Jose Fonte came to Southampton in 2010, and helping the team promotion to the Premier League in 2012. In the summer of 2016/2017, he succeeded in winning 49%duel with opposing players. He did 7 tekel clean and won 9 of 17 air duel. Thus a record of Whoscored.

The former Liverpool player who currently play in the LA Galaxy, Steven Gerrard, was reported to be back playing in the Premier League on next year. His contract along with LA Galaxy would end in November 2016 and currently he is still waiting for further talks about a contract extension.

The 36-year-old quarterback that could just be the player with the exempt status of the contract, soon after play off Major League Soccer ended.

"I sometimes wonder if it still continued to play for longer or having to take a breakfor a while. I haven't decided about that at the moment, "said Gerrard.

Next season Steven Gerrard could return to the Premier League

"I still enjoy playing ball and very happy to undergo training. Furthermore, I still want to compete with the younger players. So if anyone offered me to play for six or 12months, I might be able to do it. But if there are no bids, I will continue the processto get a coaching license, "Gerrard continued.

Gerrard currently is almost get A coaching license from FIFA. It has the potential to be a great player at the same time coach if joined in on the new team.

If you decide to return to the Premier League, in Gerrard will stay with separate family aat is based in California.

"The process of getting A FIFA license I already reached 60%. Hopefully I can get that license later this year, "said Gerrard.

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