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Prediction: Arsenal Vs Burnley Kept Running

Arsenal will meet to Burnley at Turf Moor in the seventh week of the Premier League continued on Sunday, (2/10/2016). Despite playing at home, The Gunners were determined to extend the record of victories in the League.

Army Cannon London had minor results at League two games early. A defeat in theinaugural game at the Emirates from Liverpool and the draw against Leicester City briefly tarnishing the trip to Arsenal this season.

Slowly, it's Arsene Wenger's team began to show the actual identity. Four successfulwinning streak earned over Watford (3-1), Southampton (2-0), Hull City (4-1), as well as other champion candidate subvert, Chelsea (3-0) last week.

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A row of positive results that surefire makes Mesut Ozil dkk increasingly confident of competing in the top League. Face Burnley who currently reside in the 14th position, judged not difficult for London team was to grab the three points.

Prediction: Arsenal Vs Burnley Kept Running

In addition, Arsenal unbeaten in six meetings last faced the Club nicknamed The Clarets. Even in the four most recent action, The Gunners always win over Burnley.

However, The Gunners never jemawa. Because Burnley have a chance to steal the points when the game takes place in the presence of his own supporters.

Liverpool had been the victim of violence forces Sean Dyche after being beaten 2-0 in home games. Last week, Burnley managed a win over Watford with a similar score.

The victory also indicates signal the resurrection of that promotional team to achieve positive results in the upcoming game. Just three points from the team that was in the red zone also became an extra motivation for Sam Vokes dkk to gain points.

Arsenal still has yet to be reinforced a number of pilarnya such as Olivier Giroud, Aaron Ramsey, Per Mertesacker, as well as Francis Coquelin who still dibekap injury. While Burnley competed without reinforced two bombernya namely Andre Gray affected by disciplinary action and Ashley Barnes who suffered injury problems.

Tottenham Hotspur entertain Manchester City, on follow-up action Premier League2016-2017, at White Hart Lane Stadium, Sunday (2/10/2016). The result of the match will not have an effect on who is at the Summit. However it is interesting to see the tommyimage Son Heung-min and Sergio Aguero.

Prediction: Arsenal Vs Burnley Kept Running

Two such prolific players would become a magnet. They not only brought his teamare at the top, but also give a warranty of quality individuals, especially in bust netsopponents. As the second competition clubs, Son Heung-min and Sergio Aguero also compete to become the top was.

Three numbers obtained any team will not change the position of Manchester City at the top of the standings while. If they lose, the difference with Hotspur remainingone point. Currently The Citizens ranked first with a collection of 18 numbers, a difference of four points from the The Lilywhites, who was in 2nd position.

Alarm danger thus fixed on the host. If it loses, the position of The Spurs threateneddisalip Arsenal, LiverpoolEverton or Manchester United. The result, the ambition tofind their three-digit being the main reference.

It also realized Song Heung-min. The bomber also compete with Sergio Aguero scored in the affairs. Aguero had 5 goals, while Heung-min one goal fewer.

Source of goals could be from anywhere. But it could not be missed for granted how Son Heung-min and Sergio Aguero looking for gaps in the midfield. Understandably, both teams have formidable fortress. New Manchester City conceded 5 goals, while Hotspur two goals a little more.

The result, creative Son Heung-min and Aguero is highly desired in order to inspire, or precisely execute itself, the opportunities in front of the opponent. The Manager of Tottenham Hotspur, Mauricio Pochettino admitted his team are in the best condition. Moreover, they had just reaped a victory at Champions League level.

"I think our attacking fleet is getting better, and it's very important to face Manchester City. The main factor is our fitness, and it will be seen on the day of the match. We must be good at arranging the rhythm, "said Pochettino.

Prediction: Arsenal Vs Burnley Kept Running

The architect team hope Heung-min continued sharpness that has already shown throughout this season. Statistically, asa Pochettino could become a reality. The versatile player that recently appeared in Premier League action 3 2016-2017, but alreadypacked up 4 goals and 1 assist.

Aggressiveness and looking for loopholes to bust nets opponents also belongs. Heung-min was able to take down an average of 4.7 shots per party, and the accuracy of umpang 87.5%. Note the figure of this 24-year-old player deserves a concern Manchester City.

Moreover, the hold will be performed without central defender mainstay, as well as the captain, Vincent Kompany. The position of the Heung-min is naturally not as a striker. He often runs from the right side of the enemy defense. The main bomber thus portrayed Vincent Janssen.

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