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Tottenham Give Manchester City Defeat This Inaugural Season

The Manager of Manchester United (MU), Jose Mourinho, assessing his team should have been able to achieve victory and scored seven goals against Stoke City at OldTrafford on Sunday (2/10/2016). However, the match ended 1-draw.

MU actually managed to unlock excellence through Anthony Martial (69). However,the victory is already in plain sight finally dissipated after Stoke are scoring throughJoe Allen (82 ').

Mourinho himself does not dispute the results of the match. Because, according to the statistics of the Premier League, the appearance is impressive with THY have 67 percent possession and successful release 24 experiments that nine of them accurately.

"This is the best performance from Manchester United this season. Supposedly, it could be 3-0 or 4-0 in the first half and six or seven touchdowns at the end of a match, "said Mourinho.

"I could not believe the result was 1-1 because it was so not worth it. I repeat, it is the best than our performances against Leicester the results better than the appearance of a team and today it happened the opposite, "said The Special One.

Tottenham Give Manchester City Defeat This Inaugural Season

One further point to make MU is now sixth with 13 digit value. While Stoke was in the 19th with a value of three points.

Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 victory over Manchester City on seventh Premier League weekend matches 2016-2017, Sunday (2/10/2016). For the City, the defeat being the Prime endured this season.

The victory made Tottenham are in position two standings with 17 points. While theCity remains in the position of the top of the table with a value of 18 numbers.

To play at White Hart Lane, Tottenham threatened immediately in the first minute through action Son Heung-min received three Kyle Walker, the South Korea midfielder was let go from the point of Spurn right foot still narrow widening from the goalCity.

In the ninth minute, an old public house was eventually rumbled after Tottenham excels thanks to its own goal Aleksandar Kolarov. Own goal it was created after the ball and sweeping Kolarov kala prevent cross Danny Rose even to the turn and into the goalkeeper Claudio Bravo.

Return of son threatened the goal City in the 10th minute. However, the ball of his left foot Spurn results can still be intercepted by Bravo.

Tottenham Give Manchester City Defeat This Inaugural Season

In the 18th minute, turn Christian Eriksen the spreading threat in front of goal. However, the ball of the right foot Spurn results outside the penalty box was successfullydefused by Bravo.

The city ended up getting opportunity Prime pana the 28th minute through SergioAguero's action. However, the ball of his right foot still Spurn the results deviated from target.

Enter 37 minutes, the Spurs managed to duplicate excellence through action delegation of Alli. Receive feeds Son, United Kingdom origin players were let go the right foot Spurn lodged in the lower left corner of goalkeeper Bravo.

Entering the second half, Spurs increasingly aggressive attacks. Origin of the North London Club get two opportunities at minute 46 and 47 ' through the Son and Victor Wanyama.

Kick off the mark from the target still Son, while venture Wanyama can still be caught by Bravo.

City then react through experiments that dihasilan Sergio Aguero in the 50th minute. However, his left foot managed to spurn the ball was caught by goalkeeper HugoLloris.

Similarly, with odds of Fernandinho 53 minutes. The ball of his left foot still Spurn results widened from the goal Spurs.

Tottenham get a penalty kick on 65 minutes after delegation of Alli violated Fernandinho. Dear Erik Lamela, who became the executor failed to score a goal after his shot was successfully thwarted Bravo.

Tottenham Give Manchester City Defeat This Inaugural Season

Entering the 70th minute, Raheem Sterling turn the spreading threat in front of goalSpurs. However, the ball of his right foot from outside the penalty box can still be tamed goalie.

Lloris is really becoming a nightmare for City. It happened after the ball Kelechi Iheanacho Spurn results on 75 minutes successfully captured by the France goalkeeper.

In the 90th minute, Aguero back get opportunities to score. However, the ball of his right foot Spurn can still be blocked by a cordon of Tottenham's defence line. Until the game is over, no more goals.

Statistics Premier League noted City actually appeared to dominate the game with 59 percent possession, compared to 41 per cent belonged to Tottenham.

However, the home team was more aggressive with records of 13 opportunities thatseven of them accurately. Meanwhile, the resulting trial of 12 City, six of which wereright on target.