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Naples Most Sharply but Minimal Goalscorers

The President of Inter Milan, Erick Thohir, declaring his team target returns to the Champions League next season.

I Nerazzurri just failed to win half of the season after the team hosts the swallow defeat Real Madrid 0-1 Sassuolo, on Sunday (10/1/2016).

The impact of the defeat, Mauro Icardi and coauthors SAG to third place with 39 points, collecting or lagging two points from Napoli at the top of the standings.

He admitted that the match Sassuolo deserved to win. "Yesterday was a shame to lose. However, I think they played very well. We have to admit, "He's obviously in Jakarta, Wednesday (16/1/2016).

Regardless, he is hoping his team can grab a ticket to the Champions League next season. "During this time, the media and fans who ask-ask for the scudetto," he said.

He is assessing a realistic target of qualifying for the Champions League consideringhis team is currently in transition since dealt with Mancini. Mancini back deal with Inter since November 14, 2014. He was still bound by the contract to 30 June 2017.

Naples Most Sharply but Minimal Goalscorers

"You see, this new team. Formed since Mancini in. .. Then our preparation. The summer season there are 9 new players. If a result like this, I am still satisfied, "he said.

He seemed optimistic that Madrid can reach the target. Though failed to reach the target, He ensures the position of Mancini's safe. "I think it's still good riddance to the result. Yes (still his coach Mancini), "he said.

Inter last time playing in the Champions League in 2011-2012 season. While the last time Inter won the Champions League in the 2009-2010 season, when shot on Jose Mourinho.

Napoli won the Serie A season half of 2015-2016 on 10 January 2016. There is one excess that makes Gli Azzurri worthy of being champion of the half though they also have disadvantages. Naples most sharply but minimal goalscorers.

After Serie A 2015-2016 resolve 19 matches, Naples became the sharpest team scoring 38 goals. Ranked four Fiorentina in second place with 37 goals. Once there wereFiorentina Rome (36 goals) and Juventus (33).

Despite being the sharpest team while the minimal number of turns, Naples goalscorers. There are only seven players of Napoli who successfully contributed goals to team coach Maurizio Sarri. The amount lost to the Romans (14 players), Fiorentina (12), as well as Juventus and Inter (11).

Among the seven goals scored, Napoli, striker Gonzalo Dismisses became the most frequent players scored 18 touchdowns totaled namely. With the achievement of that Time also became the sharpest players while Serie A in 2015-2016.

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Naples Most Sharply but Minimal Goalscorers

The attacker becomes the sharpest player Insigne Lorenzo second in Naples with a total of eight goals. Another goal of the contributor create Napoli is Marek Hamsik(4 goals), Allan (3), Manolo Gabbiadini (2), Dries Mertens (1), and Raul Albiol (1). One goal, again made of Naples was created through suicide.

Have players who whet Gonzalo Dismisses is a huge benefit, but in order to createNaples success in efforts to grab the first Serie A title since 1990, Napoli also need to increase the number of goals scored. The dependency to should not be too large2.

As a comparison, when reaching for the scudetto 1989-1990, there were 12 Napoliplayer who scored a goal all season. When it completed a total of 57 Napoli goals from 34 matches.

Then Diego Maradona became the sharpest player with a total of 16 goals. Maradona becomes a motorcycle games the team champions, but reliance Gli Azzurri to ElDiego's goals are not too large.

The number of goals Maradona throughout the season only 28 percent of the totaltouchdowns. Compare with the number of goals scored in Serie A 2-2015-2016 to reach 47 percent of total touchdowns.

The exit of Luiz Adriano from Milan is getting wide open. In fact, the goodbyes to the Brazil striker was already spoken of Jose Mauri.

Luiz Adriano was rumored Manchester United lifted Milan to contestant Super League of China, Jiangsu Suning. The management of the Italian Il Rosso called could not resist the power of the departure of Luiz Adriano due to see the potential for a huge profit.

In the summer of 2015, Milan only need to spend 8 million euros to dock their LuizAdriano to the San Siro. Now, the user number nine Milan back it purportedly appreciated worth 14 million euros by Jiangsu.

Naples Most Sharply but Minimal Goalscorers

This means that the fortunes of AC as 6 million euros. The fresh funds could be usedto continue the process that the Italian Il pursuit of a number of players to their target in the January transfer Exchange 2016, such as game show Ever (Sevilla) or FrancoVazquez (Palermo).

Signals the departure of Luiz Adriano from Milan strengthened by the status of the teammate, Jose Mauri, social media on Instagram.

Mauri uploading her picture with Luiz Adriano and other Milan players.

"Good luck my friend. I pray for the best. You deserve good health and happiness for you good people. A happiness could share with you in a few months. Senyumanmu will miss the dressing room, "so wrote Mauri on Instagram.

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