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De Gea Sure Pogba Rose After playing Bad Counter Liverpool

Unbeatable Liverpool record when playing at home should be halted, after the surrender of 2-3 from Swansea City on the 22nd week of the Premier League at Anfield Stadium, Saturday (21/1/2017).

These results make Liverpool remained in third place with 45 points from 22 matches. Meanwhile, Swansea City climbed into the rankings after reaching 18 numbers.

Appear in public himself, Liverpool immediately took the initiative to attack. In the ninth minute, Jurgen Klopp's team squads have golden opportunities to score through Emre Can. Unfortunately, the ball still not sources soon.

Enter 33 minutes, turn the Firminho Roberto spreading threats. Receiving the ball, the player Philippe Coutinho opened fire but could still be thwarted defence Swansea City.

Liverpool kept pressing defense Swansea City until entering the final period of the first half. However, various opportunities can be maximized not acquired Jordan Henderson and coauthors. Score 0-0 after the first half remained.

De Gea Sure Pogba Rose After playing Bad Counter Liverpool

Once down to Swansea City, making public the Anfield fell silent. On 48 minutes, Fernando Llorente brings superior Swanse after receiving the ball Wayne Routledge.

Instead of replying, Simon Mignolet is precisely the goal back four minutes later collapse. Receiving the ball Thomas Carroll, Fernando Llorente Gore ball that post and success advantage his team.

Liverpool are trying to rise from the slump by continuing to perform the attack. It's sweet to bear when the game enters the 55 minutes. This time it was the turn of Roberto Firmino who records his name on the scoreboard, after heading the ball delivery of James Milner.

Enter the 69 Liverpool success through Roberto Firmino. Brazil midfielder it let go ofthe ball shot into the left corner of the goal, which failed to anticipated goalkeeperLukasz Fabianski, Swansea City.

Keasikan attack make Liverpool fall asleep. Through the scheme, Gylfi Sigurdsson counteroffensive a success made his team again excelled in 74 minutes.

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De Gea Sure Pogba Rose After playing Bad Counter Liverpool

Liverpool tried to get up and perform various attacks sporadically. However, his close defence Swansea City making such efforts are not bearing fruit. A score of 3-2 toSwansea City until the whistle length reads.

The Manchester United goalkeeper, David De Gea, supporting Paul Pogba to rise after performing poorly when Liverpool draw being held in Old Trafford on the weekend of the 21st Premier League season 2016-2017, Sunday (15/1/2017).

In addition to not playing optimally, Pogba also did a handball which led to penaltyfor Liverpool and maximized James Milner. Lucky, Manchester United secured a point thanks to goal Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored stabilisation.

"He is very important to us. He's a great quarterback and good in the locker room.He's a tremendous player, "said De Gea, as reported by Sky Sports.

"At the beginning and you don't know the country, the players and the game, it's a little difficult. You have to fight, trained harder, trying to focus and believe yourself.

"I also trouble early (in the United Kingdom). With the game, the players and a new language, everything was difficult. However, I continue to believe its own abilities and fight. "

De Gea Sure Pogba Rose After playing Bad Counter Liverpool

"You can make mistakes in any country. We are human beings. Normal for a goalkeeper and other players to make mistakes, "said the Spain goalkeeper.

Paul Pogba record-breaking world's most expensive football player transfer after Manchester United was bought from Juventus with around 89 million Pounds ($ 1.48 trillion) in July 2016. He is preparing to help Manchester United against Stoke City at the Britannia Stadium on pkean's 22nd Premier League, Saturday (21/1/2017).

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