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Firmino Feel more comfortable Playing in the United Kingdom

The Liverpool striker, Roberto Firmino, feels it has to adapt to the style of the game in the United Kingdom. However, he is never satisfied and will continue to learn in the future.

Firmino success brought Liverpool conquer host Swansea 2-1 in the Premier Leaguecontinued action 2016-2017, Saturday (1/10/2016), at the Liberty Stadium.

Villareal advance Brazil midfielder, it makes Liverpool equalize in minute 54. Gastricfeeds Jordan Henderson welcomed well-directed cannot be stopped keeper Lukas Fabianski.

He became a scourge for the hosts team defense Francesco Guidolin was. Action on84 minutes must be stopped Angel Rangel in the penalty box. Origin of the Merseyside club then rewarded a penalty from the referee. James Milner who was appointed executor success make Jurgen Klopp's forces winning 2-1, which endured until a match is over.

"I feel it has been adapting to football United Kingdom. I am very glad to be here and will be working hard with the team as a whole, "said Firmino told Sky Sports News.

"I'm very open with new experiences and always wanted to learn more. I enjoy the hard work at the moment, "he said.

Firmino Feel more comfortable Playing in the United Kingdom

Currently, Liverpool merangsek to the second place with the Premier League standings, scoring 16 points. Firmino, coincidentally just two dkk points from the standings, Manchester City pemuncak, the new melakoni will match on Sunday (2/10/2016).

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, is not concerned with the heaviestmonth who will be facing his army. According to The Special One, every opponent is the same for The Red Devils.

On this October, Manchester United will melakoni six games in various event. Of the six matches it, four of which are quite heavy because opponents have to face strongconsecutively.

"Every game is very important. Against Watford ever important. We lost to them and it is just such a moment lost to Manchester City, "said Mourinho.

"So every game is very important for me. Although, you are correct, we will face opponents with a big name in October. It will be a motivation, "continued Mourinho.

Manchester United temporarily ranked seventh Premier League with 12 points fromsix matches. In the next game, Paul Pogba and his friends would meet Stoke City at Old Trafford, Sunday (2/10/2016).

Firmino Feel more comfortable Playing in the United Kingdom

Manchester United will face Stoke City in the Premier League continued at Old Trafford, Sunday (2/10/2016). On paper, the Red Devils will not find it difficult to conquer The Potters.

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The Red Devils are indeed has not shown consistent since dealt with Jose Mourinho.Had grabbed four winning streak, Manchester United then swallow three defeat in the next game.

Lucky, David de Gea and his friends could go back to grab the one victory in three of them in the Premier League. However, Mourinho allegedly still trouble finding the best games for his team because not know very well the quality of the players.

"I was able to find out the quality of the players we each live game. To be honest,I'd like to see the other players appear more often. Therefore, I am so get to know them further, "said Mourinho.

The effort to get positive results with an enthralling game can be done when Manchester United meets Stoke City. Because, the opponents have a record of bad gamesthroughout the season.

Mark Hughes forces yet though victory in the Premier League this season. No doubt, it would make the Stoke City stranded in the 19th position of 20 participants of the Premier League.

Historical factors also makin cornering Stoke City. For 40 years, The Potters have never grabbed the victory every time a trip to Old Trafford. In other words, Stoke City are difficult to achieve maximum results with the condition of the current team.

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