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Thierry Henry: Arsenal Don't Need Dimitri Payet

Chelsea will meet Hull City in advanced 22nd weekend Premier League at StamfordBridge, London, Sunday (22/1/2017). The action could be an opportunity later on Chelsea to stay away from competitors.

Chelsea currently steady at top with 52 points. Now Chelsea is six points of Tottenham Hotspur who've played 22 matches.

If it is able to win over Hull City, Chelsea could be getting away with nine points. Moreover, three other competitors, i.e. Liverpool (third position), Manchester City (fifth position), and Manchester United (sixth) also failed to achieve full points on Saturday (21/1/2017).

The only competitor to Chelsea who have yet to play the 21st weekend is Arsenal. Chelsea and Arsenal are fourth-ranked just eight points at loggerheads.

The fact that like to utilized the troops led by Antonio Conte. The face of Hull City who are in the 19th position, Chelsea can likely achieve maximum results.

Thierry Henry: Arsenal Don't Need Dimitri Payet

"We must unite to win against Hull City. This is important to me, the players, and the supporters to grab the three points, "said Conte.

Conte pun would play back Diego Costa who had "isolated" in a match against Leicester City, last week. Conte made sure, Diego Costa already focus back to defend.

"He always gives the best capabilities of each match. I know this. I made sure he will play and would give a good appearance for the supporters as well as help us to grab the three points, "continued Conte.

Guest side, Hull City were trying to crawl out of the zone of degradation. Since trained Marco Silva, performance Hull City a little progress. In the last week, Hull City were able to win 3-1 over the team's surprise, AFC Bournemouth.

"Chelsea was undergoing a remarkable season. They have a great Manager and willbe a great challenge for us against them, "said Silva.

"The Premier League is the Premier League. This is a great challenge for me. Every game is like a test, even if you play for a team of top or bottom, "continued Silva.

The Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte, glad to have many options in the front-line players his team. However, on the other hand it does make Conte dizzy to determinethe right choice.

"Right now we have four players in the front line. I was impressed with this becauseI can make a different style of play in every game, "said Conte.

Thierry Henry: Arsenal Don't Need Dimitri Payet

"But honestly, the situation is not simple for me to make a decision that one another. Be sure, however, to have four players who are performing great is important for me and the team, "said Conte.

Chelsea has so far had five players up front who can support the 3-4 scheme-3 typical Antonio Conte. Typically, Conte made Eden Hazard, Diego Costa, and Pedro as a front-line Trident.

Sometimes, Conte also often replace Pedro with Diego Costa and Willian with MichyBatshuayi. The name also became the fifth key sharpness of The Blues this season.

If together five names above already accounts for 37 goals in Premier League 2016-2017. With details, Diego Costa 14, Eden Hazard scoring nine touchdowns, seven goals, Pedro Willian five touchdowns and one Batshuayi goals.

"During the game, I was able to replace one player with another player to grab the victory. If I make the decision to replace the players, it's not that I want to punish them, "said Antonio Conte.

The former striker, Thierry Henry, assess if Arsenal does not need the figure players like Dimitri Sequin because already have Alex Iwobi.

Dimitri Sequin santer preached will soon leave from West Ham United. Some big European clubs called interested the performer incurred, including Arsenal.

Thierry Henry: Arsenal Don't Need Dimitri Payet

Arsenal reportedly is ready to capitalize on a situation that is experienced togetherSequin West Ham United. However, Thierry Henry claims Arsenal will make a wrongstep, if acquired Dimitri Sequin to the Emirates Stadium.

"In my opinion, Arsenal need players like Sequins for now. They have such can IwobiSequin in the next few years. He has been playing in midfield for Arsenal, "said Henry.

"Iwobi need to play to achieve its potential. Recruit players like Sequin could limit the hours playing Iwobi and be bad for its development, "said Henry.

Alex Iwobi is a product of the Academy's original Arsenal. The players got promotion to the senior team as of 1 July 2015. This season, he has managed 26 appearances in all competitions, as well as the success scored three goals and six assists.

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