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Jose Mourinho: The Official Wayne Rooney So The Manchester United Legend

Liverpool surprisingly swallowing defeat of bottom-Board team, Swansea City, on match of the 22nd week of the Premier League. Meanwhile, Manchester City and Manchester United should be satisfied grabbing one points.

Entertain Swansea at Anfield Stadium, The Reds appear with the best power play, including Philippe Coutinho who has just recovered from injury. However, Liverpool made no real subject and 2-3 of The Swans.

Swansea City winning two goals thanks to the action of Fernando Llorente in minute48 and 53. However, Liverpool success equalize passing shot Roberto Firmino minute 55 and 69.

Instead of the reverse position, The Red squads thus conceded the third goal on 74minutes. Gylfi Sigurdsson Spurn result ball was cleared by goalkeeper Simon Mignolet, Liverpool.

In the other match, Manchester United failed to grab the victory when on a trip to Stoke City, Bet365 Stadium. MU had to settle for 1-draw.

Jose Mourinho: The Official Wayne Rooney So The Manchester United Legend

Stoke's lead off first after Juan Mata do own goal in the 19th minute. Lucky, The RedDevils successfully equalize the results after the ball free kick minutes remaining, Rooney 90 + 4 streaked seamlessly fit into the goal.

Similar results were also obtained by Manchester City. Meladeni Tottenham Hotspurat Etihad Stadium, City grabbed a strong results at 2-2.

Liverpool add negative notes, after the surrender of 2-3 from Swansea City on the 22nd week of the Premier League at Anfield Stadium, Saturday (21/1/2017).

In the game, Hodgson left behind through two Fernando Llorente goals scored. Jurgen Klopp's team squads had a chance to equalize through Jose Firminho creations.

However, Liverpool had to admit the superiority of his opponent after scoring GylfiSigurdsson (74 '). The results of this impressive record stop Jurgen Klopp, who went undefeated in 17 matches cage streak.

Not only that, this defeat also makes Liverpool have yet to grab the one victory everin competition Premier League in the year 2017. Of a total of three such periodslast, Jordan Henderson picked up two defeats and one draw.

It affects the position of Liverpool, currently in third place in the standings while with 45 points. They left behind the seven digits from the pemuncak, Chelseawho will be the new magpies against Hull City on Sunday (22/1/2017).

Liverpool a chance to break the negative trends, if able to grab victory over Chelseaat the weekend of the 23rd Premier League at Anfield Stadium on Tuesday (31/1/2017).

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, stating if Wayne Rooney is currently the Club officially became a legend after scoring record as the Club's top scorer.

Jose Mourinho: The Official Wayne Rooney So The Manchester United Legend

Rooney's goal in the final minute match against Stoke City not only prevent Manchester United from defeat, but it also makes Rooney entered in the history books.

The goal made Rooney as Manchester United's top scorer with a collection of 250 goals. Rooney passed the previous record holders record, Bobby Charlton, who had 249 goals for costumed Manchester United.

Although rarely gave the opportunity to play Rooney, Mourinho still give appreciation of the accomplishments of the Manchester United captain.

"This record is important for Rooney. This is a very remarkable achievement in the course of his career with Manchester United. He made it through the record of legendary players of the Club, Bobby Charlton. Now Rooney officially became the legendclubs Manchester United, "said Mourinho.

This season, Rooney is experiencing a decline in performance and rarely got the chance to perform as a starter. Until the 22nd week of the Premier League, Rooney has recorded 16 appearances and contributed two goals for Manchester United.

Wayne Rooney broke the record for goals scored, Sir Bobby Charlton way beautiful.The owner of the number 10 on the back of Manchester United were now officially became the Club's top scorer with 250 goals.

It's hard to think Rooney is able to record the name in open history of Manchester United on Saturday (21/1/2017). At first, Rooney was just sitting on the bench whenManchester United visit Stoke City headquarters.

The Red Devils terhenyak while Juan Mata thus creating an own goal in the 19th minute. After that, the Manchester United attack gushing into the defence of Stoke City.

Sometimes, mistakes the bait, final settlement of the bad, or the coordination of front-line mess into a fine dining menu Red Devil supporters almost as long as 90 minutes. At the time of 67 minutes show, the scorer of suicide, eyesshould be out of the field.

Rooney came in with the hope of bringing such a change when it became kreator early goal when his team met Liverpool last weekend. Replace Eye, Rooney, in fact operates as a striker hole, right behind Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The age of 31 years who have been attached to his body as if invisible real. Rooneyactively moving to all areas of the opponent, even helped the defense when receiving a counteroffensive.

Jose Mourinho: The Official Wayne Rooney So The Manchester United Legend

Rooney gets the first opportunity of a bait Marcus Rashford. Note one golnya in thePremier League this season, making Rooney a little loss of spurs. Rooney's goal in front of the net instead hovering over the goal Stoke City.

The aroma of the first defeat of Manchester United since November 2016 ever arises. To enter the minutes of the 3rd period of injury time, Jose Mourinho failed scoring balance. Until the end, Rooney became the Savior of the team.

A free kick from the left side of the attack, befitting a sharp forward feedback led tothe penalty box. Instead of looking at it, Rooney instead opened fire that was immediately lodged the decisive goal at the corner of Lee Grant.

GOL! It is difficult to interpret facial expressions Rooney. No excessive reaction, thusRooney asked her colleagues took the ball from the nets in favor of utilizing the time remaining of the match.

The effort Rooney Manchester United gets the magic brings the second goal failed to materialize. The score remained 1-1 at the Britannia Stadium.

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